Online Learning Tool for HSSE Training

All Telenor’s employees share a responsibility for safeguarding the environments in which we operate. The “People First” HSSE vLearning tool is focused on creating a safe and sound working environment for Telenor or for any of our suppliers

The “People First” HSSE vLearning programme is an online learning tool providing basic knowledge on selected Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) related topics. The “People First” programme is a virtual training programme which is suitable for individuals or for workshop exercises, and is focused on creating a safe and sound working environment for Telenor or for any of our suppliers. The interactive programme also helps us measure if we succeed in this great challenge.

The purpose of the programme is safety for all

All employees of Telenor are expected to take part in “People First”, and Telenor’s suppliers will be encouraged to go through the programme as well. Thus, our own staff as well as those of our partners are expected to provide valuable contributions to raising the bar on HSSE.

There are three main goals for Telenor’s HSSE efforts

  1. No serious injuries or deaths
  2. No serious pollution of the environment
  3. No breach of human rights

Telenor wants everyone to get back home safe and sound, each day and every night, regardless if it is one of their own colleagues or an employee at one of their suppliers.

At the end – this is what the programme is all about – People First.

How to use the programme

  • Click on image below to register and get access to the training
  • One programme for all our employees and suppliers
  • It takes about 1 hour to complete the training
  • You need Flash and Java installed on your PC
  • To run online you will need 500kbps bandwidth
  • If you experience low bandwidth, you can download the programme to your PC (250 Mb)