Reporting our Performance

Measuring the economic, social and environmental performance of Telenor Group is key to understand the impact of our operations, to drive continuous improvement and maintain a transparent dialogue with stakeholders.

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Telenor Group is committed to the disclosure of transparent and high-quality data on social and environmental performance, focusing on material issues and communicating its progress.

In addition to reporting on sustainability online, we also provide information about corporate responsibility (CR) and other sustainability issues in our Telenor Group Annual Report. We continually report on current activities relating to sustainability within the Group on this website. Our international subsidiaries provide information about their sustainability commitment on their web sites and in their own publications.

The last years, Telenor Group has published Sustainability Reports, but it will not be published a separate Sustainability Report for 2013. The reason for this is the changes in the Norwegian Accounting Act that require this report to be provided by the Board of Directors.

The amendment requires that large enterprises must account for what the company is doing to integrate respect for human rights, labour rights and social issues, the environment and anti-corruption in their business strategies, daily operations and in their relationship with stakeholders. The report must at least contain information on policies, principles, procedures and standards the company uses to integrate the above considerations.

Read Report on Social Responsibility in Telenor Annual Report 2013

Sustainability reports archive

Telenor Group Sustainability Report 2012 

Telenor Group Sustainability Report 2011

What we report

We report on the risks and opportunities most important to our long-term value-creation potential, and on topics that are strategically important to us and our stakeholders.

Read more about our Scope and Principles

Our Key Figures presents the latest performance data on the social and environmental issues material to the Telenor Group.

For reporting and investigation of breaches on compliance, please see Ethics & Compliance.

Telenor Group has been ranked as top performer on The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) for 12 consecutive years, from 2001-2013. Recently, sustainability reporting frameworks have evolved, and transparency and performance oriented reporting have come to the fore. Simultaneously more extensive legal requirements have been introduced including the revised Norwegian Accounting Act that requires large Norwegian companies to minimum report on Human rights, Labour Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

In 2014, Telenor Group has decided to stop reporting to DSJI and to focus on providing transparent, timely and accurate reporting on our company’s non-financial performance through open channels. We will continue reporting to the reporting standard GRI, the UN Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Project. We will also continue to develop our performance based information on

Who we report to

Telenor Group reports to various external organisations – following the guidance of international frameworks – to ensure structured, transparent and relevant reporting of sustainability performance.


The United Nations Global Compact: Telenor submits information to the UN in line with ten globally accepted principles – in connection with human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. By participating in the Global Compact, Telenor has undertaken to incorporate the UN Global Compact (UNGC) principles into our everyday operations. Telenor Group reports to UNGC at an advanced reporting level.

Read Telenor’s latest COP reporting to UNGC

Global Reporting Initiative: Telenor Group reports its non-financial performance based on the internationally accepted framework of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our 2013 report is based on the new G4 guidelines.


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – Along with 4500 other companies around the world, Telenor reports annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on its performance related to climate change. CDP is an internationally accepted framework that urges organisations to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies in one shared format. CDP’s Global 500 Climate Change Report 2013 ranks Telenor Group 3rd among the world’s largest telecommunication companies – up from 10th place last year. For the first time, Telenor Group has also been included in CDP’s Global 500 Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). This annual index highlights those companies listed on the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (Global 500) that demonstrate commitment to the environment.

Read Telenor Group’s latest response to CDP

Sustainability reports in our Business Units

Telenor Norway’s work on Corporate Responsibility 2013 (in Norwegian)

Download: Telenor Hungary Sustainability Report 2012, PDF

Download: Telenor Serbia Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, PDF

Download: DiGi Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, PDF

Download: Telenor Norway Social Responsibility Report 2012

Download: Telenor Sweden CSR and Sustainability Report 2012, PDF

Ratings and Awards


Telenor was ranked the second most sustainable telecom company in 2012.


Telenor Group has been ranked as one of the global telecom companies with highest carbon disclosure scores by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2013

Social Responsibility Report

Our latest report on Sustainability is part of the Telenor Group Annual Report.

Download report


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