Enabling Services

We are using mobile communications to contribute to positive change in people’s lives.

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The mobile phone is increasingly a tool for improving people’s lives. Telenor believes that the mobile phone can help transform the lives of individuals- allowing financial inclusion, access to knowledge, and making health services affordable and accessible for all. From this, societies are empowered to grow and progress. Bringing the benefits of mobile communication to a wider audience is one of Telenor’s key objectives. This is what Telenor calls “Enable”.

Studies:  how we impact society

Telenor Group has commissioned studies on the socio-economic impact of the Internet and of mobile communications, mobile financial service and mHealth.

Read about the findings from the studies

Enable initiatives

Telemedicine-image-460x345Providing access to doctors through telemedicine

In 2013, Grameenphone expanded its pilot on telemedicine in Bangladesh. An additional 20 telemedicine sites and 20 community health workers are equipped to provide live consultations with physicians with the help of digital imaging and communication in telemedicine. More than 3,000 consultations have so far been provided.Read more

IMG_0459_esaypasiaEasypaisa – banking services made easy

Easypaisa was introduced by Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with Tameer Microfinance Bank in 2009 with the aim to bring financial inclusion to Pakistan. Since the launch, easypaisa has emerged as a powerful success story in Pakistan giving previously unbanked access to banking services through their mobile phones.Read more

mHealth-partnership-supportMobile information services to promote healthy mothers and children

In 2013, dtac joined forces with UNICEF to launch the “best start” initiative, which provides free mobile information services to promote healthy mothers and children. The mobile phone will serve as the tool to convey lifesaving information to pregnant women and new mothers- allowing newborns the best possible start in life.Read more

unicef-unite-for-children_creditorgTelecommunications improves the lives of the Roma

Due to the “Povezivanje” project, the work of Roma health care mediators, the education of Roma families in Serbia and support in achieving their rights in the area of healthcare and health insurance have been improved. Read more


The “Povezivanje” project

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Telecommunications improves the lives of the Roma.