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Extending the Benefits of Mobile Communications

Telenor Group’ business strategy states that we have a significant impact on the societies where we operate. We also have an opportunity to play a role in the digitalisation of societies and we aim to further improve the way we work with our business environment, with a focus on local regulatory frameworks, societal expectations and stakeholder perceptions.

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The mobile phone is increasingly a tool for improving people’s lives. Telenor believes that the mobile phone can help transform the lives of individuals; allowing financial inclusion, access to knowledge, and making health services affordable and accessible for all. From this, societies are empowered to grow and progress. Bringing the benefits of mobile communication to a wider audience is one of Telenor’s key objectives. This is what Telenor calls «Enable».

We focus on creating sustainable initiatives that create long-term value both for our target groups as well as Telenor. Our Sustainability initiatives are built on our core competence – communications. We focus our efforts in three key areas that create shared value for Telenor and society.


Corporate Responsibility in the Telenor Group

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Watch how we strive to make corporate responsibility part of the way we do business

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