Open Innovation

The way we drive innovation has changed. Telenor do research and innovations together with partners and customers in an open innovation system. On the global innovation arena, Telenor is committed to several industry initiatives.

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Telenor drives innovation across three horizons, including the expansion and strengthening of our core business, the development of new business, and the creation of options for future business. Through a customer centric approach, we constantly seek ways to create value for our customers. The open innovation system is part of this. We also create new business opportunities for future growth, like Mobile Financial Services and the Internet of Things. Our investments in new technologies and processes will create new options and operational performance.


Telenor’s research portfolio is closely linked to our strategic challenges. Main areas for Telenor research are:

  • Customer insight, including innovations in customer facing processes and customer data analytics
  • Business models, including competition strategy and regulations, and Internet value networks
  • New services, such as service diffusion and the Internet of things
  • Future technologies, such as future network concepts and next generation IS/IT architecture

GSM Association

The GSM Association represents the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry, including some 800 mobile operators. GSMA is focused on innovating, incubating and creating new opportunities for its members, in order to drive growth in the industry.

Five strategic topics are currently on the agenda: Mobile Broadband, with increasing emphasis on developing solutions to promote Embedded Mobile, Mobile Internet, Industry Stewardship, Mobile Money and the Environment.

GSMA website

Wholesale Applications Community (WAC)

The WAC is an open global alliance formed by the world’s leading telecom operators. Its purpose is to unite a fragmented market and create an open industry platform that benefits the entire ecosystem. By participating in WAC, Telenor hopes to improve the customer experience when using applications and other Web content.

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WAC website

Telenor Fusion portal

The Telenor | Fusion portal may serve as an example of how Telenor interacts with its business customers to stimulate open innovation in a local market. Through this portal Telenor Norway lets third party players access interfaces to its core services, offering enabling services for voice, messaging, mobile data access, payment solutions, user location, click-to-call, presence information, and how partners can distribute their mobile applications to Telenor Norway’s customers. In addition, the portal shows various examples on how the applications can be deployed and offers information about how the services can be sold to monetize the solutions. This process speeds up innovation and third parties can now integrate their software applications or internet services with our core services.

Telenor Fusion portal (in Norwegian)

Standardisation bodies

Telenor gets involved in industry organizations. Find us here:






Telektronikk archive

Telektronikk presented research, analyses and updates on industry challenges.

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