Why Join Us

The Telenor Group is an international success story. We are proud of what we achieve – every day. Would you like to be a part of the innovation process that is taking place in the global telecommunications industry?

I love to be part of large projects and work with cutting-edge technology.

Kristoffer Kvam

  • Position: Strategic project manager
  • Company: Telenor Norway
  • Location: Fornebu, Norway

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As a part of DiGi and of Telenor Group, it is exciting to see the endless opportunities to collaborate on new projects and share best practices across the Telenor Group.

Philip Ling

  • Position: Senior, Corporate Responsibility
  • Company: DiGi
  • Location: dHouse, Shah Alam, Malaysia

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The international presence of Telenor gives me the opportunity to travel, meet new people and experience their working culture.

Tatjana Manojlović

  • Position: Director of Customer Care
  • Company: Telenor Serbia
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia

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I enjoy challenges in my daily job, since they require passion, commitment and drive.

Camilla Mygind Møller

  • Position: Team Leader, Customer service
  • Company: Telenor Denmark
  • Location: Aalborg, Denmark

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I am proud to work for a company that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Ákos Molnár

  • Position: HR Partner for Customer Services department
  • Company: Telenor Hungary
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary

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Grameenphone brings out the best in me.

Sadia Matin

  • Position: Campaign Management, Market Communications, Communications
  • Company: Grameenphone
  • Location: GPHouse, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Telenor is a people-oriented company. Skills development is important to me, so it is great that I have access to the various training programmes.

Chalut Saenroongroj

  • Position: Marketing Supervisor in the Roaming Unit
  • Company: dtac
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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At Telenor, I experience that I get freedom, flexibility and trust from my management in my work. That is important to me.

Philip Carlsson

  • Position: Business Manager, Fixed Broadband Services
  • Company: Telenor Sweden
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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In Telenor, work and fun go hand in hand.

Reem Javed

  • Position: Assistant Manager in Products & Services
  • Company: Telenor Pakistan
  • Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

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Telenor inspire me to do my best.

Milena Daković

  • Position: Coordinator, Consumer Segment Department
  • Company: Telenor Montenegro
  • Location: Montenegro

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I think of Uninor as a challenging place which enables me to improve my skills day by day.

Pushpendra Singh

  • Position: Head of Retail Operations in Sales & Distribution
  • Company: Uninor
  • Location: Gurgaon, India

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All photos: Dan Trapp