Strategy 2015 – 2017

In the strategy period we will retain the focus on growth and value creation. Telenor Group’s ambition is to create such growth both in our traditional telco business through monetizing the large data growth, in our current digital positions within M2M, Online Classifieds and Financial Services, and in potential new digital positions.

 Strategic ambitions for our telco business

Keeping a strong position within communications and connectivity services will still be the main priority in the short to medium term.  To deliver on our aspirations on growth, value creation and a retained retail position within communications services and connectivity, we have established three strategic ambitions for 2015-17:

Internet for all

Telenor believes an increase in ARPU will be an important driver for growth in the strategy period. Through the Internet for All – ambition, we will aim to increase the revenues for all users through i) enabling use, ii) stimulating usage, and iii) monetizing data usage.

Loved by customers

Telenor is experiencing saturating subscriber growth in most of our markets. To achieve above industry growth going forward, Telenor needs to strengthen the relationship with our current customers, and turn them into promoters of our services. To become Loved by Customers we need to have a strong customer understanding, be a truly caring organization, deliver valued services and products, and to offer a superior touch point experience.

Efficient operations

Over the past years Telenor has shown a steady increase in EBITDA and Operating Cash Flow. To maintain this trend, keep the competitiveness and stay relevant to the customers, Telenor needs to constantly work at being more cost efficient through the entire organization. New operating models, granular performance management and deployment of future proof technology allow Telenor to operate in a cost efficient way, and to focus our attention and resources on the most value creating activities.

Our key enablers

In order to deliver on our ambitions for 2017, we focus on two key enablers: passionate employees and local impact

Passionate employees

Telenor is to remain a growth company providing communication, connectivity and selected Internet services to the retail market. This requires the right culture, people and organization to retain our position within communication and connectivity services, and further strengthen our position in the digital space. We believe an important driver of success is having the most engaged employees in the industry.

Local impact

Telecom is a regulated industry, and Telenor is operating in some very unpredictable licensing regimes. At the same time, we provide vital digital infrastructure that empowers both people and nations to grow and prosper. The Local Impact ambition is about securing our license to operate as well as creating business and societal value from connecting everyone and driving vital services like Financial Services, mHealth, etc.

Strategic ambitions for digital positions

Telenor has taken positions in M2M, Online Classifieds and Financial Services. We will develop these assets to accelerate the growth of Telenor. The ambition for the adjacent verticals is that they should be a significant contributor to the growth and value creation of Telenor in 2017, both through organic growth and selective M&A.

We are continuously evaluating new investment areas to accelerate our growth.