What We Do

We are proud to bring real change to hundreds of millions of people and the societies where we operate.

Studies by the Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte show that the telecom industry makes an important contribution to economic and social welfare and is an important driver of social and economic development. According to the results, 10 per cent increase in mobile density boosts GDP growth by 1.2 percentage points over time.

Connects the unconnected

For instance, mobile communication and Internet can connect people in remote areas to basic utilities such as banking and health care, services which they would have to spend both time and money to get access to before. It can also make it easier for people to communicate with friends and family in distant locations.

A potential to change people’s lives

These studies show that the telecom industry has the potential to change people’s lives:
The Internet enables the creation of new jobs, drives higher revenues and is both an instrument and a driver for better social conditions. Access to mobile communications can improve information flow, increase work flexibility, and promote business in previously underserved rural areas. The mobile phone is also a key tool for bringing financial services to unbanked populations. It allows users to complete basic payments and remittances via the mobile phone, and gives easier access to savings, credit and insurance products.

An integral part of the society

“In all our markets, we want to help people get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives. We become an integral part of the societies we join and it is fundamentally important to us that we strive to operate responsibly in all aspects of our operations. Through this, I believe we can create shared benefit for society and for Telenor.”

– Jon Fredrik Baksaas – President and CEO, Telenor Group.

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How we work

Telenor creates value and growth for the long term. Understanding people’s needs is fundamental to us. We meet everyone at eye level, building relationships based on respect and trust. We empower everyone to deliver their best, with high ethical standards.

See examples of how we bring real change to the societies where we operate. 

Socio-economic impact of telecommunication

Telenor Group has commissioned studies on the socio-economic impact of the Internet, mHealth, mobile financial services and mobile communications.