Other Units

In addition to our own telephony and broadcast services, we have substantial activities in subsidiaries and joint venture operations as part of the Telenor Group business. While some are seen as a pure financial investment, others are important in order to support and develop the core business of Telenor.

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Telenor Connexion

Telenor Connexion is a leading global provider of connected business solutions. Building on more than 15 years of experience, a strong solutions portfolio and a collaborative approach, Telenor Connexion makes it easy to realize the value of connected services. The company has provided smart, cost-effective and innovative solutions to a number of international customers such as Volvo, Scania, Hitachi, Securitas Direct and Telcare. Telenor Connexion supports customers throughout their entire product lifecycle – from solution design to operations and future development. Customers are thereby ensured a reliable and secure end-to-end solution that can evolve over time. Telenor Connexion is wholly owned by Telenor Group.

The Telenor Connexion website

Maritime Communications Partner AS

Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP) is a global maritime telecommunications operator focused on providing cost effective GSM and CDMA communications solutions specially created to fulfil the requirements of the shipping industry.

MCP provides seamless connectivity via personal mobile phones to both passengers and crew on board cruise-ships, ferries and other vessels worldwide. MCP is wholly owned by Telenor Group.

The Maritime Communications Partner website

Telenor Global Services AS

Telenor Global Services (TGS) is an international mobile carrier focusing on quality wholesale voice services, and mobile and connectivity services such as GSM Roaming Signalling, Blackberry Connectivity, GRX, SMS, SIM Box Detection, and LTE Roaming Exchange. Our many years of experience and focus on Quality of Service (QoS) allow us to be a market leader in delivering high quality services to mobile and fixed operators around the globe. Our services are delivered and produced over our high quality IPX Compliant MPLS/IP Network.TGS has been a limited company since 1995 and is wholly owned by Telenor ASA. In addition to our 220 partners worldwide, we deliver high quality international services to the Telenor Group’s extensive mobile operations.

Our head office is located in Fornebu and we have sales offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Hungary, Sweden, Thailand, Miami and the UK.

The Telenor Global Services website

Aeromobile Ltd

AeroMobile Ltd enables aircraft passengers and crew to safely use their own mobile phones and PDAs whilst in-flight to keep in touch with colleagues, customers, friends and family.

AeroMobile supports voice telephone, text messaging and data services using current and future aircraft communications technologies. The company is wholly owned by Telenor Group.

Watch the PME Interview with CEO Pål Bjørdal

The AeroMobile website

Telenor Eiendom Holding AS

Telenor Eiendom Holding AS (Telenor Real Estate) is a property management company, managing around 950,000 m2 of premises in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The company provides property consultancy services to the Telenor Group companies internationally. The company is also a major player on the wider rental market in Norway. Telenor Real Estate is wholly owned by Telenor and employs around 75 employees. Its head office is located in the Telenor Centre at Fornebu.

The Telenor Eiendom Holding AS website

Expanding new business areas

Telenor Next manages growing companies and investments in new business areas for the Telenor Group and is continuously seeking new business opportunities.

Please contact:

Machine to Machine (M2M)Amina.Waldenstrom@telenor.com
Internet servicesErik-Meier.Nilsen@telenor.com
Financial ServicesRonny-Bakke.Naevdal@telenor.com