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Our business - a leading mobile operator

Telenor Group is one of the leading mobile operators in the world, with 186 million mobile subscriptions. We have mobile operations in 13 markets, as well as an interest of 33 % in VimpelCom Ltd., operating in 14 markets.

Telenor Group film featuring our employees

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Our main revenues come from our mobile operations

Telenor Group provides tele, data and media services in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Our main revenues come from our mobile operations, making us one of the world’s major mobile operators:

  • 186 million mobile subscriptions worldwide
  • Mobile operations in 13 markets, with an additional 14 markets through VimpelCom Ltd.
  • Revenues 2014: NOK 107 billion

Telenor offers communication services worldwide

With 33,000 employees worldwide, Telenor Group is able to offer a wide range of telecom-related services to consumers and enterprises. Our main operations are concentrated in three geographic regions:

The Nordics : Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Telenor is a leading provider of mobile and fixed services in Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as having a strong position in the rapidly growing Scandinavian broadband market. 4G services have been launched in Norway and Sweden. Telenor Group’s core business in the region includes Telenor Broadcast, which is among the leading providers of television and satellite broadcasting services in the region and operates the national terrestrial broadcast network in Norway.

Central and Eastern Europe : Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria

Telenor Group has a strong position as provider of mobile services in Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Telenor has an economic interest of 33 % in VimpelCom Ltd., offering mobile services in an additional 14 markets.** Across the region Telenor Group is focused on growing data traffic and seizing mobile broadband opportunities. 3G services have been launched in Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro and Russia. In Serbia we also have a licence for fixed line operations.

Asia : Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Myanmar

The Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators in Asia and we have strong and growing operations in all our markets. In 2013, we surpassed 147 million subscriptions in Asia. Our success is built on combining our global telecoms expertise with regional knowledge transfer and local market insight to create value for different segments. We have achieved significant and rapid subscriber growth in all markets.

For market information and country-specific data, please refer to our global presence section.

*VimpelCom Ltd. offers mobile services in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan,  Zimbabwe and Italy.