dtac, Thailand

dtac is the second largest mobile operator in Thailand.

dtac offers mobile services to its customers through contract and prepaid tariff plans.

Key facts

  • 28.008 million mobile subscriptions (Q4 2014)
  • 4636 employees (Q4 2014)
  • Total revenues of NOK 17.562 million (2014)
  • Monthly Mobile ARPU: NOK 46 (Q4 2014)
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Singapore Exchange
  • The headquarters are located in Bangkok
  • CEO: Sigve Brekke (Interim)

Caring about the environment

dtac is making the fight against climate change a priority. They are taking action through a number of programmes, designed to engage the entire company.

Historical background

dtac was established in 1989 and Telenor became a shareholder in 2001.

Analytical information

For detailed information on regulatory matters, network, licenses and competitors, see our business descriptions for dtac.

Company Website

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