Telenor Pakistan

Telenor is the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan

Key facts

  • Largest single European foreign direct investment in Pakistan
  • One of the fastest growing networks in the country with a rich portfolio of products and services
  • 36.503 million mobile subscriptions (Q4 2014)
  • 4474 employees (Q4 2014)
  • Total revenues of NOK 6.214 million (2014)
  • Monthly Mobile ARPU: NOK 12 (Q4 2014)
  • The headquarters are located in Islamabad
  • CEO: Michael Foley

Environmental and social initiatives

Telenor Pakistan is continuously implementing a range of environmental-friendly initiatives. The company has for instance launched energy-efficient and eco-friendly solar-powered base stations to increase network coverage.

With coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan is, in some places, the only operator connecting the previously unconnected.

Socio-economic impact of mobile financial services

The forecasts for the socio-economic impact of mobile financial services are impressive for Pakistan. A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group for Telenor in 2011 show that mobile financial services may reduce financial exclusion by as much as 20 % in the country by 2020. This represents an increase of 3% of the total Gross Domestic Product. The economical and societal contributions of the new business activity include creating one million new jobs and improving health care access.

Telenor is through the service easypaisa offering bill payment, domestic and international remittance, as well as savings and insurance. More than 4 million transactions are conducted every month through easypaisa.

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Analytical information

For detailed information on regulatory matters, network, licenses and competitors, see our business description for Telenor Pakistan.

Company Website

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