The Telenor Culture Programme

Telenor creates its own cultural concepts and stages its own productions, bringing together musicians, artists and performers from all over the world. We do not just sponsor culture, we create culture.

Telenor has developed specific concepts for Scandinavia, Europe and Asia in which we bring together artists from these regions, artists that often represent different genres. This gives the productions a distinctively “local” character, at the same time as contributing to increasing cross-cultural understanding. Communication through dance and music has, as we know, no language barriers.

A globally expanding programme

The Telenor Culture Programme is steadily acquiring a more international profile. The Telenor Culture Programme has entertained people in almost all countries where Telenor is represented, and we hope to reach an even wider audience in the years to come.

The Telenor International Culture Prize – “Boundless communication”

Since 1995 Telenor has given awards for outstanding performances in music, film, literature, visual or performing arts, etc. In recent years the focus of the Culture Award has shifted from national to international contributions to culture. The award amounts to 250 000 NOK (50 000 USD).