Corporate Assembly

Pursuant to Norwegian law, the Telenor Group has a Corporate Assembly and a Board of Directors.

The Corporate Assembly, which is a distinctly Norwegian body, is primarily a supervisory body which supervises the Board’s management of company business.

The Corporate Assembly also has decision making powers in limited, but important areas. One important task for the Corporate Assembly is the election of members to the Board. The Corporate Assembly has a total of 15 members who are appointed for a period of two years. The shareholders elect ten of these members, with alternates, and five are selected from and by the employees.

Anders Skjævestad

Chairman:  Elected 2012 – member of Corporate Assembly since 2009
Background: Mr. Skjævestad is the CEO of DNB Livsforsikring ASA. He has held positions in Arthur Andersen & Co (Norway) and Price Waterhouse (New York and Oslo). He is the chairman and board member of several DNB owned companies and member of Bergen Næringsråd (Sub-group finance).
Education: Certified public accountant from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business administration (NHH).

Olaug Svarva

Deputy Chairman: Elected 2007, re-elected 2013

Background: Svarva was appointed managing director of Folketrygdfondet in February 2006. She came from a position as Director of Investment in Sparebank 1 Livsforsikring. Prior to her employment with Sparebank 1 Livsforsikring she worked with Folketrygdfondet for a period of 10 years.

Education:  MSc in Business Administration and a MBA from the University of Denver.

Members elected by the shareholders

Silvija Seres (elected 2011, re-elected 2013)
Siri Pettersen Strandenes (elected 2008, re-elected 2013)
Tore Onshuus Sandvik (elected 2011, re-elected 2013)
Elin Merete Myrmel-Johansen (elected 2009, re-elected 2013)
John Gordon Bernander (elected 2013)
Kirsten Idebøen (elected 2013)
Didrik Munch (elected 2013)
Widar Salbuvik (elected 2013)

Deputy members elected by the shareholders

Gry Mølleskog (First deputy, elected 2007, re-elected 2013)
Nils-Edvard Olsen (Second deputy, elected 2009, re-elected 2013)
Ingvild Nybø Holth (Third deputy, elected 2005, re-elected 2013)

Members elected by the employees

Roger Rønning (elected 2007, re-elected 2011)
Astri Skare (elected 2002, re-elected 2011)
Jan Riddervold (elected 1997, re-elected 2011)
Stein Erik Olsen (elected 2000, re-elected 2011)
Magnhild Øvsthus Hanssen (elected 2007, re-elected 2011)

Observers for the employees

Anne Kristin Endrerud (elected 2007, re-elected 2011)
Mai Britt Thune (elected 2011)

Deputy members elected by the employees

Jan Otto Eriksen
Esben Smistad
Morten Fallstein
Tove Rosø
Merete Djupos
Ronny Paulsen
Espen Egeberg Christiansen
Ellen Erland
Steffan Philip Thorvaldsen
Baard Myhre
Håkon Berdal